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Last Minute Details

  1. Check closets ,cabinets and storge for any articles overlooked.
  2. Take pets to the transportation agency or boarding kennel.To get them ready for the trip have food and water dishes for use during the trip.
  3. The more people trying to assisit can cause confusion on your moving day.
  4. Have you called your utility companies and made arrangements for service.
  5. Don,t for get to to check with post office for any mail being held and ask for delivery to start.
  6. Give it just one last look is my water shut off.Is my furnace shut off lights turned off have you left anything dont forget to turn in keys.
  7. Discard propane tanks which are used for barbecue grills.
  8.  Federal law requires that you dispose of flammables such as fire works.Cleaning supply’s matches ammunition and combustibles.
  9.  Do not forget your keys to your New Home.
  10.  Have a going away party for the children and there friends.