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Moving Tips

  1. movingTips2 Ask your friends and family for some movers that they used in the past. Because they love you and they wouldn’t want to cause you pain. Good advice from a family member or friend can be extremely useful when searching for a moving company.
  2.  Before you start packing up your house decide what you really need to bring into your new home.
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing; start by packing only two boxes per day.
  4.  Come up with a moving game plan to help you decide the best way to be less stressful or call us at 804 247 1984.
  5. Allow refrigerators or freezers to defrost at least 24hrs prior to loading and don’t forget to wipe them dry.
  6. Drain Lawn Mower and other small engines of all oil and gas.
  7. Don’t forget to mark each box so you know where it belongs.
  8. Create a moving folder with a plastic sleeves for all your important moving information.It will be your go to guide on moving day.
  9. Arrange for a charity to come pick up items you plan to donate.
  10. Packing heavy items in small boxes and lighter in large boxes.
  11. If your Kids are in school you might wont to relocate in the summer so you don’t have to pull them out in the middle of the school year.

How to be wrinkle-free use wardrobe cartons used by Xpress Movers one wardwrobe carton hols two feet of compressed clothing on hingers.